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Instance setting

The library has a way to specify a default config that will be used for all fields (don't worry you could customize everything for each field as well). Also, it contains some specific settings, applied to the whole instance.

For example, the full settings looks like this:

new JustValidate(
form: string | Element,
globalConfig?: {
errorFieldStyle: Partial<CSSStyleDeclaration>,
errorFieldCssClass: string | string[],
errorLabelStyle: Partial<CSSStyleDeclaration>,
errorLabelCssClass: string | string[],
lockForm: boolean,
testingMode: boolean,
validateBeforeSubmitting: boolean,
focusInvalidField?: boolean,
tooltip?: {
position: 'left' | 'top' | 'right' | 'bottom',
errorsContainer?: string | Element,
dictLocale?: {
key: string;
dict: {
[localeKey: string]: string,

Check out all possible settings: